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Wedding FAQ’s

Have a Wedding related question? This is the place to find information about our most frequently asked questions.

Wedding FAQ's

What is Lichgates cardinal rule?

Lichgate’s cardinal rule is respect. This means extending consideration to all the parts of our special place, from the people who care for the cottage to the Lichgate oak itself. Lichgate is private property and all events and guests are allowed access at the discretion of the Laura Jepsen Institute.

Why is having the right shoes important?

Lichgate is a predominately outdoor place. Laura intended this place to be a space where everyone visiting could enjoy nature in all its many aspects. The outdoor area is mostly grass with mulched areas beneath the tree and along pathways. For this and other reasons we recommend guests wear shoes with low or no heels so they may more easily find all the hidden corners of property. The wooden floor of the cottage is also both unique and sensitive to the impact of high heels. Made from the planks of a 1761 sailing ship, the white pine floorboards are soft and easily damaged with improper footwear.

What facilities are available?

The cottage is small, the main open room is approximately 20 feet by 20 feet in size and capable of seating 25 or so guests. There is a bathroom and small kitchen available but depending on the size of your event you may wish to consider renting port-a-lets for guest use. We do have a small number of folding chairs and tables available for use but rental of either should be considered as part of any planned event.

How much parking is available?

The small lot at the entrance can safely hold approximately 20 vehicles. We have arrangements with the nearby Church and commercial establishments to use their lots for overflow parking during events. These extended areas are approximately 100 to 200 feet from the property and can hold 100+ vehicles. Depending on the size of the event you may consider having a person designated as a valet to park vehicles for guests.

How long can we use Lichgate the day of the wedding?

Generally the length of time available for an event can be worked out with the volunteer assisting with your event. We understand that each wedding is unique, some will require more preparation than others and some celebrations continue longer than planned. We generally limit evening hours so we can close the cottage by 10:00 PM.

How about candles or other open flames?

We do not allow open flames on the property. Electric candles are available and other means can be used but due to the danger of fire inside the wooden cottage or around the priceless great oak, we do not allow candles, bonfires, torches or other similar items on the property without prior approval. If you are utilizing the services of a caterer please be sure that they are aware of this in advance.

What about other decorations in the cottage etc?

Decorations that don’t damage the structure or furnishings are allowed. We do not allow tape, nails or staples that mar the surface either inside the cottage or outside in any of the garden areas.

What about music or other entertainment?

Lichgate on High Road is a part of the community that surrounds it and we extend every courtesy to those who live near the property. While we welcome both live musicians and other forms of entertainment, we ask that you maintain a volume compatible with the respect due those around us.

Are we allowed to hang anything from the Lichgate Oak?

This is probably the most frequently asked question of all. We do not allow anything to be draped or attached to the oak’s trunk or limbs. Climbing, sitting or walking on the limbs is also not allowed. For those who wish to decorate around the tree we suggest the use of shepherd’s hooks or other decorative methods for lights etc.

Is alcohol allowed at Lichgate events?

We do not discourage the presence of alcohol at events but do ask that you not allow individuals to exceed levels of consumption that would endanger either themselves or others around them. Guests at your event are your responsibility but a person may be asked to leave at the discretion of a Lichgate representative if they endanger the property or its visitors.

Are there places that are off-limits?

There are some outbuildings where tools and other items are stored that are off-limits to visitors. Prior to any event there will be a staff person available to assist in small ways or retrieve material from these posted areas.

What are the costs for having a wedding at Lichgate?

As a non-profit we do not currently charge a rental fee for use of the property. We do however request those using the grounds to make a donation to Laura Jepsen Institute, that non-profit organization that maintains Lichgate.