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Prior Events

August 30, 2014  The Lively Technical Center Commercial Photography class has been visiting Lichgate over the last couple of weeks to photograph Lichgate and all its surroundings.  We are deeply grateful for their time, talent and vision.  We support all the artists in our community and appreciate everyone that finds the beauty here.  The students have shared some of their work with us, students who have only a few days of experience to those who have years of training behind them, take a moment and visit the photo album here.

April 15, 2014 
Just when you think it can’t get any stranger, a baby goat shows up.  Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Country Feed Store & Garden Supply on Highway 20 West, a young baby goat found an adopted family and new life.  Carly, one of the wonderful volunteers at Lichgate, rescued Nibbler and found a new home for him.

July 15, 2013
 Fairy Mushroom Forest beneath the Lichgate Oak

June 8, 2013 
   Last Hope Rescue is holding a fundraising yard sale at Lichgate, Saturday, June 8th from 7 AM to 12 PM.  Last Hope Rescue finds homes for dogs from local shelters who, without their intervention, would otherwise be euthanized.  Thank you to everyone that came to the event to support this wonderful organization!

May 11, 2013 
   We had a couple of children visit us on Saturday to share their view of just how wonderful the world can be.  They learned about strawberries, pineapple guava petals and spent time beneath the holly tree having tea with the fairies.  When we can remember to smile like this child then we will have remembered something remarkable.

April 29, 2013 
   Lichgate had a special visitor recently.  On April 19th Sue Wight-Miller spent time at the cottage and shared some memories of Laura.  Sue was the first bride married beneath oak, a moment captured that early October morning back in 1958.  Below is the photo of the first wedded kiss under the great boughs, Sue holding a copy of Laura’s book where the event is recorded and her visit to our most recent fairy house.

April 25, 2013    Just behind the picnic tables are several trees in bloom.  They are all about 10 feet high, dark green leaves and lovely red flowers of a very unusual shape.  These trees are commonly called Pineapple Guavas and are from South America.  They should bear fruit in 4-5 months, fruit that is considered good for eating raw or making into jams/jellies.  Catch their blooms over the next couple of weeks if you have time.

April 21, 2013 
  Live acoustic music provided by Phlox, The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn and the SAIL Acoustic Ensemble.  Botany & Garden Walks, learning how to inoculate mushroom logs, Fermentation 101, making homemade kefir & kimbucha, yoga classes and mediation workshops, children’s activities and Taste Budz will be on-site selling some wonderful food. This year’s event is was put on by The Magnolia School and the Damayan Garden Project.

April 15, 2013   
Another Ashe’s Magnolia has been located near the Outdoor Classroom and this one is in bloom.

April 12, 2013   
Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly.  I have been trying to capture a picture of elusive flyer for some time now.  You can find this butterfly often resting in the grass or low-lying vegetation.

April 7, 2013   
We are working on creating a catalog of the trees surrounding Laura’s cottage.  Some of these trees are unusual in some aspect including one identified this past Sunday located near the back corner of the cottage at the base of the access ramp.  This tree is called an Ashe’s Magnolia and is native to only eight counties here in North Florida.  This tree is considered endangered and has the largest leaves and flowers of any North American tree.  It will be blooming soon, we will post pictures once they are open.

April 6, 2013   
Butterflies at Lichgate, two of the many butterflies that frequent the gardens.  Here we have a large male Swallowtail on the Native Azalea in front of the cottage and a Cloudless Sulphur in a nearby flowerbed.  First row display’s Giant Swallowtail while second row is of the Cloudless Sulphur.

April 4, 2013    Mary & Thomas Lockyear are from Key West, and blessed us with a beautiful wedding, these are a few pictures from the event.

April 2, 2013    In the special way Lichgate often attracts unusual things we had a old Yellow-bellied Slider come onto the grassy area and lay her eggs today.  Below are some picture of her covering her nest.

April, 1, 2013    Art at Lichgate.  Every so often we find small art objects left behind by visitors.  We honor these as we are able and appreciate the thoughtfulness of using local plants and flowers while not harming the things that make Lichgate special.

March 29, 2013    Lichgate was fortunate enough to have the members of Alpha Phi Omega from FSU volunteer to spread mulch along pathways and beneath the oak.  We want to let each and every one of them know how much we appreciate their efforts.  Here is a picture of this dedicated group.

February 23, 2013    Big Event volunteers.  From spreading mulch beneath the Lichgate Oak to weaving words of love into the Damayan Garden’s fence, these incredible people brought a sense of energy and thoughtfulness to our Saturday.  Words can’t express our thankfulness for each and every person who helps.